Thank you so much for coming here!

We are taking our first steps in the handcrafting business and hope you will join us on our journey. 

How it started

We are a husband and wife duo who always loved wood. The way it feels to the touch, the way it looks and the way it ages. Being crafty DIYers it was only a matter of time when that love and the passion for making things would turn into a business enterprise. 

What we do

Simply, we make (make-make) things. Wooden home-decor items including, but not limited to: custom signslanterns and charcuterie boards. We dab in wooden jewellery that is both sturdy and ultra-lightweight. 

Everything we make can be personalized with carving, etching and laser engraving. We take custom orders. If you have a design in mind get in touch with us and we can turn it into a finished product!

What we believe in

Sustainability. We only use responsibly sourced or reclaimed wood. We buy our lumber locally and we repurpose old wood where possible. 

Handcrafting. We can’t and we don’t want to mass produce. Instead we enjoy paying attention to details and working with the unique qualities of any piece of lumber. Even if the end product is not personalized, no two items are ever exactly the same. 

Future. A clean future with oceans free of single or short-term use decor items that do not withstand the passage of time. 


We dedicate a percentage of our profits to the search for the cure to neurofibromatosis type 2 – a rare and progressive genetic disorder. NF2 is usually characterized by the growth of tumours along the spine as well as on the auditory nerves and the nerves behind the eyes. 

We did not pick this cause randomly. In fact, we didn’t pick it at all. It picked us, back in 2015 when we heard the diagnosis for the first time. We, as in one of us, but thing like this affects the other person just as much. 

The percentage of our profits will be donated to NF2BioSolutions through KBF Canada – a registered charitable organization.

We hope that with supporting the medical research we can contribute to finding the cure.